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Sidharth Shankar Arukha

Sidharth Shankar Arukha

Yoga Practitioner

Sidharth Shenker Arukha, Yogi Sidharthji, is the founder of Conscious Yoga, situated at the banks of the majestic and mesmerizing Ganges that emerge from the Himalayan Mountains first at the holy city of Rishikesh.

Coming from a family of love, kindness and high traditions, values and spiritual practices, Yogiji has spent his early life in Odisha (Eastern India a home of Tribal Cultures and Ancient Hindu Temples

After attaining a solid Academic base, he continued his professional journey in the field of Telecommunications Being a spiritual seeker, it was during one of his trips in MBA days, that he discovered the first seed of Yogic teaching and practices while interacting with an inspirational Swamiji in Dharmshala, India. The Reflections at Dharmshala cultivated a unique Spiritual and Mind-Body experience and opened a New Bridge" of Yogic Lifestyle through which one could connect with their Inner Self, Strengths, Power, and Capabilities while living Life in a more meaningful way.

It was in 2008 when he finally decided to quit his "concrete jungle lifestyle" and launch his journey to live life through the glossy lens of Yoga and Spiritual practice. Starting from the basics of Yoga, he perfected expertise in various styles of Hatha yoga, such as Sivananda, lyengar, Ashtanqa and Meditation techniques He imbibed and assimilated the strengths and benefits that each of these styles of yoga brings to the practitioner.

In 2010, Yogiji first arrived in the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh and became a traditional Hatha Yoga Instructor He completed 200 hrs and 300 hrs of Certified Yoga Teacher Training from Shiva Yoga Peeth, licensed by Yoga Alliance USA In 2012, he traveled south to Mysore, India, to become an authorized Ashtanga Yoga Educator and within the same year, he began managing and teaching at Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India. Through his Yogic way of lifestyle, Yoqiji has also extracted the essence of various ancient meditative techniques such as Vipassana, Silence Meditation, Ancient Sound Healing etc, and used them extensively in his daily routine His ideology as a Yoga Guru is to focus on each student's needs with mindful attention on correct alignment, clear communication, thorough explanation and a proper demonstration of each practice.

In his words: "Your body is like the Tree...and Yoga is the Main Source that Enlightens your Path to Stay Connected with your Roots".